Marie Dunne

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Liturgical Composer Faith and Music Ministry

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Patricia Bourke D'Souza

Alan Hynes

Emma Humber

Linda Ledwidge

Brenda McGivney


Saint John of God Choir

Saint Frances' Hospice Choir, Raheny, Dublin.

Holy Faith Secondary Choir, Clontarf, Dublin

Solo Violin: Denice Doyle

Solo Cello: David Doyle

Harp: Mary O'Donnell

Tin Whistle: Dave Fadden

Uileann Pipes: Dave Fadden

Keyboard: Marie Dunne CHF

Musical Director: Marie Dunne CHF

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Marie Dunne CHF

Latest Compositions

In Memory of Me

Two new (Eucharistic) hymns by Marie – specially composed for the Irish Church Music

Association in (Maynooth) July 2019. They are part of a compilation which will be released

later in the year.

In Memory of Me and Love one Another have been recorded by Eugene Ginty and produced

by Mark Cahill. Music and CD of the compositions are available Faithstar Publications.